Ever been out and about and your phone is about to run out of battery?!

Your heart starts to thump and anxiety rises rapidly with every  "No” you get to the question “ Have you got a charger?”.

An even worse feeling there is for a low battery owner is when you do receive a charger but there is no socket or power source near you.


So what is Nexocharge then?

Long story short, we are a service that allows users to pick up a portable charger while on the go, from any of our associated locations, and drop it off at another location whenever they are finished with it.

Imagine it being the Boris bikes (Santander Cycles)  of  power banks.  


Simple but genius right?

How does it work?


Your battery is running low, so you pick up a portable charger from any of our associated locations , also known as “ Nexospots”.


All you have to do is either sign into your account or quickly register for one.


Once the charger is successfully withdrawn, go where you want!

 You no longer have to stay at one place to charge your phone.

Your time is precious!

We know you have stuff to do.


When you’re finished with the charger. Drop it off at any of our locations that`s nearest to you. We don’t want you to have to walk 10 steps out of your way to return the charger so we will make sure we can be placed at as much places as possible!

Nexocharge app coming soon!

Once we get our app up and running you will be able to locate the nearest “nexospot” to you.


Where ever you are!

Supported by:

Uncharged Dilemma

There has to be loads of stories of when your mobile device has died on you at the worst moment possible. We want to know them!

The Nexocharge Challenge

This task is to get to a location or complete a task without using your mobile devices before the time runs out. We use our devices for practically everything, so is this even possible?

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