Nexocharge assists in giving control, and power, to the next generation by providing a tool which aids them in using our smart city to the fullest. We know that being connected to others is a universal desire and somewhat a necessity. We will provide a stress and hassle free, 24-hour way of doing so.


How we work

Mobile devices run out of battery while on the go and there is no efficient way to provide power to them that doesn’t involve wasting valuable time at one location, or pre-planning your days to perfection to ensure the battery level is at a satisfactory point throughout.


Nexocharge will be a network of portable chargers situated within London. This will allow individuals to pick up a Nexo (our custom built portable charger) at one location, continue with their journey around the city and later deposit it at any Nexocharge automated station situated at various locations in London.


Currently, Nexocharge is at the MVP (Minimum viable product) stage which means we are aiming to test out the business at the smallest and most cost effective manner. We will do this by hosting a single business stall at various locations around the city (also known as pop ups). This will help the company understand the market reaction to a business such as this, Help the management team  uncover any necessary adjustments  to the service we will provide and finally, start generating brand exposure and awareness so once we launch the network we will already have a regular customer base.


Why we exist

Mobile devices are amazing aren't they?


You can book a taxi and it will arrive instantly, you can order food and it will be delivered within minutes, transfer money with a few clicks and reserve seats or tickets for an event you're on your way to. The list is practically endless when it comes to what you can do with your mobile device.


But there's one problem…


What if it runs out of battery while out and about? Then what?


We are more and  more becoming dependent on our mobile phones for everything. It's a tool for safety, entertainment, comfort and connectivity. Nexocharge wants to prevent these universal desires and necessities from being lost when the mobile device goes to 0% when out and about

Nexocharge also wants to assist in making sure we can use our city to the fullest. With London becoming smarter at a rapid speed, your mobile devices will become more important than they already are when it comes to journeying around our capital. So having access to a source of power is essential. Nexocharge is here.

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Nexocharge Ltd. Is a limited company registered in England & Wales with registered number 10891805